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MBA Institute Who we are

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  1. Who we are

Generating knowledge for the benefit of society

Who we are?

MBA INSTITUTE is composed of a group of professionals from the academic and medical industry fields who join forces with surgeons to conduct relevant scientific studies.

We can count on the regular cooperation of physicians of reference who support us in the development of clinical protocols and of experts in various fields who advise us on specific aspects of the development of each project.

What we do?

To accomplish our mission, we actively collaborate with surgeons in the design and conduct of clinical trials of various kinds. Our contribution can be very beneficial when coordinating multi-centre studies or to support any research project in the different phases of development.

In addition, we actively collaborate with the University, primarily through the MBA Chair of the University of Oviedo and of the Biomechanical Systems Group. However, we also develop other activities with other university or private research centres as needed.

MBA INSTITUTE is also responsible for developing the sales network of the MBA company and for equipping them with the scientific support tools needed in their daily work.

Develop your project

MBA Institute has the vocation to generate and disseminate scientific knowledge, putting it at the disposal of surgeons with an interest in research. Our collaborative methods are varied and perhaps too extensive to be summarised on a webpage.

Imagination is one of the values that characterise us and we are always open to new ideas for collaboration ... we encourage you to share yours with us.